Bathroom by bathroom by bathroom...
Premium solutions on a grand scale.

A property is not only a construction project or a mere investment – it is much more than that. Each and every building fulfils its own very special purpose – be it as a residential estate, a hotel or a hospital. This is where residents spend many years of their life, where guests enjoy their precious time, and where patients require their individual needs to be met.

As such, an especially important element in terms of the character, atmosphere and evaluation of a property is always the bathroom.

As an oasis of well-being and as a sensual and emotive area, the bathroom essentially influences the quality of life, and in so doing, decisively contributes to the value of the property. Choosing the right partner for the equipping of large properties with high-quality bathrooms is therefore of special importance.

DEBA is the leading provider of Premium Bathroom System. DEBA stands for premium-quality manufacturing and materials, well-developed and innovative know-how, time and cost-efficiency as well as for design and functionality.

For new buildings, for redevelopment, and in all quantities!